Our First Blog


Hello Friends of SBT!


We hope you are all well and enjoying this late summer!


We have been busy at the Steel Box Theories base camp recently with no less than four gigs in two weeks!  We have met some great people playing at The Roadhouse, Birmingham ArtsFest and Cargo in London at The RPIXfactor battle of the bands and no doubt some of you new subscribers will have met us at one of these events, so thanks for joining and supporting us!


We are currently busy planning gigs for late 2012 and early 2013, so if you want to see us at a venue check our gig listing or suggest some venues that we can contact to book a gig J.  We are also looking into getting some kind of management or agent involved so we are busy researching that, again any suggestions would be appreciated. 


And finally I am still busy working on our debut album; we are toying with the idea of using some kind of voluntary donation framework like Pledge music or Kickstart to help with the costs of funding, more to follow on that soon…and finally we are looking to arrange a short tour of the UK and Europe to coincide with the album release in spring/summer 2013, so it’s all go go go!


If you would like to connect with us on twitter or facebook you can do so through the following, we appreciate your support:



@steelbox007 (twitter username).


Speak soon




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