Respect is Dead?

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Good evening SBT fans and subscribers,

It has been a while since I have sent any kind of update, I must apologise this is purely because I have been busy gigging, working on the debut album and writing some new material which as you can imagine has kept me very busy 🙂

Anyway I thought it was  about time I treat you to some new material, I completed this piece some time ago but have been keeping it under wraps until closer to the release date of the debut album; I’m hoping to finish the production by the summer of this year and then the release will be when funds allow…donations would be gratefully received :-).

It features myself performing all instruments on the record with some bass guitar courtesy of Dean Vermeire, as usual I composed, recorded and produced the song.  It is one of our more mellow tracks and the subject matter is based around my increased disdain for the breaking down of respect and moral values in modern society, the Birmingham riots (and other riots that took place in 2011) are a clear example and good evidence to support the subject matter and concepts banded about in this track.

It is certainly one of our favourite songs on the album, and we hope you enjoy listening to it as much as we enjoy playing it.  You can listen to the new track via the below reverbnation link:

Respect is Dead

In other news we have three gigs this month, two at The Fern and Fallow in Cannock and one at The Shed in Leicester.  Check our gig listings on Reverbnation and do come along it’s always good to see supporters at our shows.  We have also decided that we will be looking for a drummer to join our ranks in the next few months, please get in touch if you know anyone who may be interested performing with us.

That’s all for now, I will continue to work on the debut album and I’m looking forward to Spring so I can get the BBQ’s on the go!

Take Care

Luke Tetlow
SBT Creative Director


Dungeon of Steel and Album update


Hello Steel Box Theories fans!

As you may know from following our Twitter feed @steelbox007 we are busy booking gigs for the rest of 2012, and early 2013.  Our next gig is on the 17th of November at Eddies Rock Bar in Birmingham so we hope you can make that, we have also managed to secure a gig at the Dublin Castle in Camden, London on the 4th of December 2012 with Bug Bear promotions which is great news for us.
I am busy working hard on our debut album which I plan to have ready by the middle of next year, the new track I am working on is called Do Unto Others or Die (cheery number I know!) and at 8 minutes long it is proving to be a beast of a track!

I wanted to do a quick feature on the first track of the album ‘Dungeon of Steel’, this was written, recorded, produced and performed by me and I wanted to evoke a feeling of entrapment and brutality in the song which you can listen to below:

We had some artwork created to compliment/enhance our track “Dungeon of Steel”.  The concept for this artwork was put together by Dean Vermeire, this photo was taken by me using a Canon EOS 300D, post production and composition was completed by our good friend David Jordan.  You can view the artwork for this track from our Flickr feed:

We also completed a live rehearsal video for this track with ProveMotion which can be viewed on Youtube, here you can see how the track has been adapted and arranged for live performance and makes prominent use of a Boss RC-50 loopstation:

We hope you like and would appreciate any comments or feedback, remember you can connect with us on Facebook:

The next update will be in a few weeks, where we hope to have more gigs and a feature on our new track “Displaced Anger”.
Thanks for subscribing.

Luke Tetlow